Monticello Baptist church has always been a mission-minded church.  One aspect of our mission effort is our broadcast ministry.  The purpose of our broadcast ministry is but one thing:  to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ! The Monticello Baptist church broadcast ministry currently includes radio and internet broadcasts.                                                     
Our radio broadcasts air on wrqo-102.1 fm, a 50,000 watt fm radio station licensed to Monticello, MS.  Our radio broadcasts can be heard in a 60+ mile radius from Monticello, Ms.  We air both our morning and evening worship services at 11 am and 6 pm respectively on WRQO.  We’ve been radio broadcasting Christ’ good news for over 40 years!

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Monticello Baptist also broadcasts our worship services on the internet by streaming “live” both our Sunday morning and evening worship services.  Our services can easily be viewed anywhere in the world by logging onto our church website at  Our “live” stream utilizes Microsoft’s “Silverlight” to encode/decode our broadcasts.  “Silverlight” is a free Microsoft download.  Services are also archived on our website for viewing later.

Monticello Baptist maintains two television microwave links:  FCC licensed link wney376 delivers our television broadcasts to the local cable television headend.  Another non-licensed link delivers our broadcasts directly to the Lawrence county hospital for airing on their television system as channel 32.

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Our broadcast operations are manned on a volunteer basis.

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We try to make our viewers feel they are worshiping with us!

We hope you will come worship with us “in person” each Sunday morning and night.  If you can’t be with us then please listen to our radio broadcast or watch us on the internet.


If you encounter any problems receiving our radio or internet broadcasts, please contact us at 601-587-2114 or send us an e-mail at  We always appreciate any suggestions or comments you may have.