Good Reads for Parents

How Would Jesus Raise Your Child by Dr. Teresa Whitehurst How do I raise my child right? In a world of advice columns, magazines, and mothers-in-law, it’s tough to know how to raise our children. But you can find solid parenting principles from a source you may not have considered: Jesus. In this practical book, Dr. Teresa Whitehurst looks at Jesus’ teachings to help you parent. Using modern-day examples and biblical stories, she: ‘exposes parenting trends that are at odds with Jesus’ teachings ‘uncovers common parenting temptations and how to resist them ‘shows you how to help your kids be more receptive to God ‘helps you get spiritually recharged There is a better way to raise our kids and it can’t be found in modern media. How Would Jesus Raise Your Child? gives you the unique advice on parenting you’re looking for. Dr. Teresa Whitehurst is a clinical psychologist who writes and speaks extensively on parenting issues.

The New Dare to Discipline by James Dobson As new generations of parents face the age-old challenge of helping children grow into responsible adults, many are turning to Dr. Dobson’s classic parenting best seller. This instructive book reveals time-honored principles that are still relevant;even amid today’s shifting values.

Kid CEOKid CEO by Ed Young In these days of corporate scandal, there’s a far more pervasive and serious problem going on right under our noses. It’s a family takeover orchestrated by our kids. That’s right, children are taking control of family units in record numbers.  Through a thought-provoking yet entertaining analysis of contemporary family dynamics, Ed Young challenges parents to reclaim their leadership role and explains why marriage must take first priority in the home.

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna Based on original research among children, parents and churches, George Barna reveals his discoveries about the significance of ministry to children – and what is required to help them become transformed for Christ. In addition to describing why ministry to young people may be the single most strategic ministry activity, he outlines what children need to become spiritual champions, how parents can provide such nurture, and the appropriate role of the local church in this developmental process.

She Calls me Daddy by Robert Wolgemuth The special loving relationship between a girl and her father is celebrated by author and successful dad Robert Wolgemuth in She Calls Me Daddy. Building on seven critical elements, including protecting your daughter and expressing affection, Wolgemuth shares what works and what doesn’t in raising a healthy, secure, God-honoring daughter.

Bringing Up Boys by James Dobson Boys are different! But with pressure to be “gender neutral,” many try to mold children into a one-size-fits-all model. Dr. Dobson explains why boys are the way they are, how to understand their emotional and physical development, and the best way to motivate them to become godly men.

Launching your Kids for Life by Bob and Cheryl Reccord You are entrusted with the challenge of building up and equipping your children to fulfill the purposes for which they were born. Are you equipped for this daunting task? In this book, Bob and Cheryl Reccord will walk you through the process of preparing your children for their mission by using an analogy of a space mission that’s both easy to understand and apply. The Reccord’s will show you how to develop a strategic plan for your kids, help you identify your parenting style and your child’s personality, give you creative ideas for celebrating your child’s development, and help you and your children discover God’s call in their lives. By starting with the end in mind, it’s not as difficult as expected.

Launching Your Kids for Life

Children are Wet Cement by Anne Ortlund Children are like we cement—moldable and impressionable.  In this best-selling book, Anne Ortlund shows parents how to practice verbal affirmation, a simple yet powerful technique for raising children to be secure, loving adults.  She gives specific suggestions for each stage of childhood, from infancy to the teenage years and beyond.

Internet Filtering

SafeEyes Internet Filtering SoftwareSafeEyes Internet Filter If you have an internet connection at home, we strongly recommend you protect your family with an internet filter. SafeEyes is easy to install and works on PCs and Macs. SafeEyes is a terrific tool for families, students and accountability groups. An internet filter can protect your teens and keep your family safe online.